Peter Jantz (right), Managing Director STDS - Jantz, and Marnik Janssens (left), Sales Manager STDS - Jantz (Belgium) place particular emphasis on customer contact

STDS-Jantz / N.U.B. Engineering now in Benelux and France

Leading Manufacturer of Drilling Technology opens sales office in Belgium

With our advanced technology in civil engineering we are international best partner and preferred supplier for many of our customers.

During the last years we have increased our international activities opening a wider global market. In order to provide our customers with our specialised knowledge and support them onsite with their particular challenges for the best drilling results we have opened up a sales office in Belgium and Marnik Janssens will join us as sales representative for the full range of products for STDS-Jantz and NUB Engineering in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.

Marnik Janssens has long experience in the civil engineering industry and is a well known specialist for all kind of drilling technology. Working for the future we endeavour to make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with both the products we offer and the service.
The new expert on board will help to guarantee the high performance of our products for efficient use.

Marnik Janssens contact details:
Mobile 0032 (0) 478 74 82 60