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Showing N.U.B. Engineering innovative technologies

3. Infra Oman: Powerful solutions for expansion of national infrastructure

With approximately 3 million inhabitants, the Sultanate of Oman which is located close to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen is embarking in the coming years on a massive expansion of its infrastructure.

In order to be able to get the best possible partner they have set up Infra Oman – a fair for infrastructure and industrial projects attended by the designers, contractors and suppliers. This year it was the third time that Infra Oman has been arranged and N.U.B. Engineering was pleased to be present at this prestigious show in Muscat.

Companies from all around the world working in the construction industry exhibited inovation,  modern technology and what potential can bring new developments for the future. N.U.B. Engineering presented how it is keeping up and at the forefront on all counts and was well received at the show.

Customers showed interest in the wide range of piling & drilling products at the exhibition from the small 100mm diameters up to large diameter piling equipment and the adaptability of tools for all conditions and rig types was well received.

Special technology is needed for civil engineering projects due to both the soils and  climate conditions and N.U.B. were able to demonstrate by past experience that their tools and equipment have been proven to be more than suitable.

Our drilling tools, drill bits, auger drives and the accessories were of interest to all areas of the civil engineering sector as well as for special sectors of the oil industries.

Patrick Deighan, Director of N.U.B. Engineering says.

“The dialog with the visitors was very interesting and the great interest has pleased us very much of course. The openness with which the interviews were conducted, have shown their confidence in our technology and the willingness to move forward with inovation and modern design”

Some new projects have been discussed since the show and N.U.B. Engineering are confident and proud to be able to say that it was a very successful exhibition for N.U.B. Engineering and that Oman will undoubtedly be a future market.