Excavator add-on Auger Drives

The auger drive replaces the bucket or grab mounted on the hydraulic excavators with the machines hydraulic system being used to control auger rotation.

A choice of five versions of the rotary drive is available to make optimum use of the excavator.

Applixcation for the auger drives include the drilling of :

  • Test bores
  • Well drilling
  • Injection and subsoil improvement
  • Foundation drillings for the continuous flight auger (CFA) technique
  • Drillings for retaining walls
  • Pre-boring for sheet piling

Details at a glance:

  • Max. torque 3,500 daNm
  • Max. operating pressure 350 bar
  • Max. speed 120 RPM
  • Max. static tension 300 KN
  • Various drill string connections

Details of Geminus 3500 double drill drive:

  • Twin counter-rotating tools
  • Injection pressures up to 150 bar
  • The distance between the two drives can be adjusted mechanically to match site requirements
  • Various mixing speeds available

Details of AD1600 concrete milling machine:

  • Rapid connection to a drilling drive
  • High efficiency
  • Powerful drive with 1,600 daNm torque
  • Robust and user-friendly construction
  • Compact design
  • Minimum maintenance

We can also provide special designs to suit customers’ requirements.

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