Premodrill 50: The new technology for efficient drilling

The own developed STDS-Jantz drilling rig Premodrill 50 sets new dimensions to the well drilling industry.

Premodrill 50 convinces with its simple operation via a remote control panel for driving , all drilling functions and also winch, mud pump and hydraulic casing extraction clamp.

Strong advantages for practical use:

  • Compact and robust design
  • Remote control for safe and ease of working
  • Emission and energy efficient
  • Use of Regulated power motors and pumps
  • Only components from renowned manufacturers

More power and energy efficiency with electronically controllable valve technology.
The drive concept consists of a load-sensing pump unit (variable as a closed center) and a constant circulation pump (open center).  By using modern electronically controlled valve technology, consumers can adjust for variety drilling processes – for example, by variable controllable preference functions, load independence and power shifts.

The machine has a 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine (meets emission standards including EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage 3A) with 36.5 KW / 50 HP. The maximum torque of the 2.6 litre TDI engine is 170 Nm at 1600 rev / min at maximum speed ​​of 2700 rev / min.

Technical details

  • Crawler with rubber tracks and telescopic extension from 800 mm to 1200 mm
  • Acoustic emission: 103dBA
  • Hydraulic 4-point mast support with 400 mm stroke
  • Portable radio remote control for drilling and driving functions
  • 1x Battery Charger in the rig and 1 x extra for 240V
  • Emergency cable and manual emergency control on the rig
  • Height: 2000 mm (transport position)
  • Total height: 4545 mm (erected mast)
  • Overall length: 4405 mm
  • Total weight: from 2.8 t
  • Hydraulic system maximum pressure 200 bar
  • Power-regulating load-sensing variable displacement pump with 170 l / min
  • Fixed displacement pump 12 l / min for drilling feed
  • Fuel tank 65 litres
  • Hydraulic tank 95 liters with bio-hydraulic oil
  • Oil cooler (combined engine / hydraulic oil)
  • Digital control panel with tachometer and hour meter
  • Digitale Motorsteuerung mit Drehzahlmesser und Betriebsstundenzähler
  • Optical alignment indicator on dragonfly
  • Easy access to all components, like Engine filter, radiator cap, cleaning openings
  • Hydraulic erectile drill mast
  • Feeder with roller chain driven by hydraulic drive motor
  • Feed speed about 0.4 m / s
  • Feed = 20 KN
  • Retraction force = 30 KN
  • Feed length 2500 mm
  • Vorschub = 20 KN
  • Rotary head with 2 gear levels with an optional water/air swivel with 50 mm bore diamater
  • RPM adjustable during drilling
  • Rpm / torque (for water drilling): max. 120 rpm at 2270 Nm
  • Rpm / torque (for dry drilling): max . 60 rpm at 4550 Nm
  • Rotary head turns to the front for easy assembly of the drill pipes
  • Rotary head designed to be shifted 400 mm to the side for easy access to the bore hole centre
  • Hydraulic casing extraction clamp up to Ø 273 mm, stroke = 300mm; lifting force 70kN
  • Mud pump 500 l / min at 4.5 bar
  • Hydraulic winch: Cable Ø 8mm, line pull 5 KN, speed = 38 m / min, Rope  length = 38 m

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