INTO THE HEAT – drilling tools of N.U.B. Engineering (casing, rock augers, rock drilling buckets and core barrels) N.U.B. Engineering is pleased to be playing a vital part in the rebuilding of the infrastructure of Iraq

The piling equipment has been supplied through ABI in Germany in conjunction with two new piling rigs for the construction of roads and bridge foundations across the country.

An order for three complete sets of drilling tools including casing, rock augers, rock drilling buckets and core barrels for diameters of 880mm 1180mm & 1500mm were supplied to a gruelling schedule to ensure that the rigs were able to go to work as soon as they arrived.

The time restraint of just over three months from first placement of the order to delivery at the customers door was met by tight scheduling of material supply and production through the workshop resulting in a total of 6 full lorries travelling across Europe to deliver the full order on time.

A full inspection of the 48 tools by the customer in the snow in Germany prior to dispatch to Iraq resulted in N.U.B. being told that they were delighted with the quality and the schedule they met and another new and satisfied customer.