Efficient Drilling Equipment for Specialist Groundworks Construction in new STDS-Jantz Catalogue

Fresh off the press is the new STDS-Jantz product catalogue containing a multitude of drilling tools and products designed to enable and assist ground construction works.

The latest 86-page STDS-Jantz catalogue presents their current, expanded product range of equipment for soil drilling, ranging from drive systems and drill heads to continuous flight augers, core drilling tubes and rotary drilling tools.

11 chapters of the most modern drilling equipment for specialist piling and borehole work of all types show the full range of high quality, efficient tools for horizontal and vertical drilling. Continuous flight -auger drilling, well drilling, exploration drilling, geothermal drilling and soil mixing products are all included. In addition, it shows the  most up to date range of STDS-Jantz rotary drilling tools, drilling rods and drilling tubes as well as grout/concrete swivels and shock absorbers.

A new and special innovation is the AD260 auger drive once again expanding the successful range of the dredging attachment auger drives. Further information about auger drive units may be found here.