Waterwell and Soil Investigation Drilling

Our robust hollow stem augers have proven reliable in many demanding applications for water well and exploratory drilling.

To suit individual requirements we can supply you with Tri-lock, hexagonal or octagonal connectors and drill bits with various combinations of teeth and pilots to suite your drilling conditions and rigs.

It goes without saying that all hollow stem augers are designed to be ideal for high torques and deep drilling – for more efficient well and exploration drilling.

Augers for hire for ammunition clearance

Top quality STDS-Jantz hollow stem augers are also ideally suited to drilling applications to detect unexploded ordnance.
As a special service to customers, we maintain a rental fleet specifically for tools for use in explosive ordnance drilling. Special designs can also be supplied to meet customer requirements.

Reliable hollow stem augers for geothermal drilling

Time-saving and efficiencies are also in demand in geothermal drilling. We continuously develop and improve our high-performance hollow stem augers to meet the ever-changing requirements for cost-effective drilling.

Drill-holes for geothermal probe installations

For these special drilling applications, we offer the STDS-Jantz double-head drilling system with hollow stem auger, borehole lining and drill rods. This drilling process offers a big advantage – it prevents possible borehole collapse in weak soil layers and where groundwater is present. Hollow stem augers have also proven themselves in other geological situations.

We will be happy to provide all components and accessories, such as drill bits, hydraulic drilling drives, preventers, flushing heads and special designed boring tools, to suit your requirements.

Geothermal probe placement

Before the actual drilling starts, the base tube section of the starter auger is sealed off with a disposable bung or shoe.
Then, when the required drilling depth is reached, the geothermal probe is inserted within the hollow stem auger.
The bung or shoe is then released by pushing it out or by turning it in the opposite direction – and it remains in the ground. Finally, the geothermal probe is pushed through the base tube section, and the hollow stem auger is withdrawn section by section. At the same time, the next drill-hole can be started, providing you with an efficient and simple process for your geothermal drilling.

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