Together strong.
For improved Drilling Technology.

As a leading Manufacturer of Drilling Tools we have developed over more than 35 years, high quality drilling tools, hydraulic rigs and accessories for a wide range of soil and rock drilling.
With our advanced technology in civil engineering we are international best partner and preferred supplier for many of our customers.

The Union between N.U.B. Engineering and STDS-Jantz has combined the skill and expertise gained by both companies and also increased the international activities opening up a wider global market and significantly increased our customer base.

All our products are manufactured in Scotland and Germany where our main sales teams are based but we are also represented with own sales offices in Watford/ London and Los Angeles and have agents across the globe.

We believe that expertise and technology ensures economical drilling.

As experts we are involved worldwide with prestige projects. Here we provide our customers with our specialised knowledge and support them with their particular challenges for the best drilling results.
Our aim is to always provide on time deliveries and a transparent price policy as part of that service to aid our customers.

Responsibility. Knowledge.

We are a constantly growing family business, run by the second generation and with a wealth of onsite drilling experience. Therefor we are aware of the responsibility as an employer and put a particular effort into the promotion and progression of our 70 or more employees. Working for the future of our company we endeavour to make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with both the products we offer and the services..

Our team is also continually expanding our portfolio of products and services in an effort to meet all our customer needs. With the perfect combination of technical progress and excellent quality we can guarantee the high performance of our products for efficient use.

N.U.B. Engineering and STDS-Jantz drilling technology is developed above the standard.

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